Miss You SMS

U must b tired

U must b tired coz u hv been running through my mind, u gotta b a thief coz u hv stolen my heart n I must hv been a bad shooter coz I keep missing u.

I Miss you as much

Close your Eyes, Relax your Body, And stop your Breathing as long as you can... NOW BREATH...... I Miss you as much as YOU MISSED THE AIR!

Whenever I miss You

Whenever I miss You, Stars falls down from the  Sky. So any day if you find the sky empty, don't blame me! It's all your fault; You made me Miss You So Much!!

Upside down

Last night i wanted to send u a msg, but all i could write was: "noh ss!w !". it didn't make much sense until i read it upside down...

If u wanna know

If u wanna know how much I miss u, try to catch rain drops, the ones u catch is how much u miss me, and the ones u miss is how much I miss

Have I missed something?


Повеќе: Have I missed something?

There is no one

I hide my tears when I say your name, but the pain in my heart is still the same. Although I Smile & Seem Carefree, There is no one Who misses you more than ME!

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  1. Wat makes some people
  2. Do u know
  3. I m sending u